(Un)Comforting Decisions…

I just purchased the aforementioned DVD of a salt water tank, as well as a couple of other delightful background DVD options. Somehow this has given me a great sense of (perhaps false) accomplishment. Maybe because I spent under $20 when I was originally inclined to spend upwards of $200? But why spend any money at all? Why not draw a fish and tape it to my wall? I wish I would have thought of this sooner…

3 thoughts on “(Un)Comforting Decisions…”

  1. Why even have a wall? Why pay rent on an apartment? Why not just draw a picture of an apartment and tape it to the underside of a bridge?

    Why even have a bridge? Why not just imagine a bridge and project it on the inside of your closed eyelids? Why even have eyelids? Why not have the SENSATION of eyelids sent directly to your brain?

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