Tomorrow at Soho20: 547 West 27th St. #301, NYC, NY

The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace
performance, sale and exhibition:

(Including “Women I’ve Known, Biblically.” by JR Uretsky at 7pm)

The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace is a multi-media performance that explores constructing and performing femininities through a series of vignettes framed by the explicit explanations of Madame Von Malt Liqueur, our narrator whose narrative is drunk on all of the love in the air and full of repetition and lies. Madame Von Malt Liqueur knows that every story is a story of survival and that in order to make sense, a story must have at least a beginning. The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace has at least five beginnings; each presenting a navigation of contemporary womanhood that draw on personal experience as a point of departure to present diverse femininities that are not a reaction to or imitation of male power. Combining traditional storytelling, aggressive magic realism, surrealism, awkward realism, and utilizing puppetry, video, song, ritual, objects and dance The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace is a mystical look at what femininity might be — fluid, constructed, individual and sometimes a little wasted.

The performance will be on 27 September 2012 at 7pm.

Sale: Also on Thursday the 27th, the people of the palace will be selling zines, apparel, prints and much much more!

Exhibition: The DP will be filling Soho20 with prints, sculptures, paintings, comics, puppets, drawings and videos. Come to NYC and see what we’ve been working on! Exhibition runs 23 – 29 of September.

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