These boots were made for walking…

In the current market how would one approach a job change? Several people I know have been moving around and shaking it up with their careers recently, and I just can’t
picture myself taking and big risks or making any big moves, but am I taking a bigger risk by staying put?

In this article the writer notes: “Broadening your experience across job functions will enhance your value” another interesting comment was that “there is an increasing trend among employers to treat long-term, loyal employees (what few are left, that is) as if they lack energy, ambition, and perhaps marketable skills as well.”

I always thought I should stick it out and be rewarded for the long haul but apparently things change. Let me know what you think would be a good career move for me by taking the following poll…(CAST YOUR VOTE!)

Possible Job Options for bonnieKate

1) Fashion House Office Manager

2) Event Planner

3) Philanthropist

4) President of the Explorer’s Club

5) Russian Gangster

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