These boots were made for walking…

In the current market how would one approach a job change? Several people I know have been moving around and shaking it up with their careers recently, and I just can’t
picture myself taking and big risks or making any big moves, but am I taking a bigger risk by staying put?

In this article the writer notes: “Broadening your experience across job functions will enhance your value” another interesting comment was that “there is an increasing trend among employers to treat long-term, loyal employees (what few are left, that is) as if they lack energy, ambition, and perhaps marketable skills as well.”

I always thought I should stick it out and be rewarded for the long haul but apparently things change. Let me know what you think would be a good career move for me by taking the following poll…(CAST YOUR VOTE!)

Possible Job Options for bonnieKate

1) Fashion House Office Manager

2) Event Planner

3) Philanthropist

4) President of the Explorer’s Club

5) Russian Gangster

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Baby Baby I’m taken’ with the notion…

Above is the growing family Smrekar! These long time friends just gave birth to little Sawyer Burghart Smrekar on July 19th. At 8lb 8oz 21″ this guy is sure to be a welcome handful for the couple, and new aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends…

…If this photo is any indication, I think JB is gonna really enjoy being just as much of a kid as ever with his little buddy.

What a good lookin’ crew. All the best JB, and Brandi, and Sawyer. Congrats! Particularly to Brandi who did a fabulous job bringing this little guy into fresh air. Much love!

(Un)Comforting Decisions…

I just purchased the aforementioned DVD of a salt water tank, as well as a couple of other delightful background DVD options. Somehow this has given me a great sense of (perhaps false) accomplishment. Maybe because I spent under $20 when I was originally inclined to spend upwards of $200? But why spend any money at all? Why not draw a fish and tape it to my wall? I wish I would have thought of this sooner…

How I Stay Bi-Coastal

Does it count as being bi-coastal if my home page is?
Recently, I have been joyfully settling in a bit more to my life in NY. However I am seeing this tax my California ties. It’s a natural thing, but so much of the natural world is painful. When do we know to let go? How do we recognize the things that are worth grasping for, and not letting go of? It’s a challenge to balance these things.
For now, I keep this reminder on my browser, and hope I choose wisely.

Wurd of Tha Dizzay

Interesting Bits For Today…

Gamine: an urchin; also, a mischievous girl or young woman.

Flirtationship: regularly flirting with a friend but nothing else.

Mouse Potato: Similar to the couch potato, however spending all that lazy time on the computer surfing the net or playing video games.

My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared.
PJ Plauger
Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.
Oscar Wilde

Dun-na-na-na-na-na-Two Face?

Batman/The Dark Knight was an interesting psychological follow-up to Batman Begins, the 2005 twist on an old favorite. This time around Christian Bale was not so convincingly tormented by his past love, he seemed more jaded and apathetic than ever. Except for maybe a few excited interactions with Morgan Freeman’s Charecter, Lucius Fox, Christian did not seem to even want to take the lead in this film. Aaron Ekhart, try as he might, just didn’t get to reach the full potential of his character ( see what I mean?) either in the three hours this film ran – at least not to the extent that Heath Ledger was able.

I know everyone probably thinks – “Oh, he’s dead now so this is his automatic immortalizing moment” but seriously, he was by far the most interesting to watch of the whole cast. He and Ekhart did make good foils for each other, and I enjoyed those few moments they had to duel it out.

Over all, I enjoyed it, lots of action, and gratuitous evil. But could have it been shortened, and should we expect more from some of our leading men? I think so.

Go see it anyway – those movie people have got to stay in business. 😉

Art Omni Day Trip

(Some Interesting Highlights…)



3) Ivars Druelle
Fable* Sculpture – Moon/Mole
*There was another artist doing fable illustrations, but the style of the illustration wasn’t quite as interesting as her humor. His public work was really fun, and I think the Bigger is Better scale won me over.

Holographic Technique

” Seth Chwast was diagnosed with autism as a very young child, and lived for years in a world of roller coasters, haunted houses, and classical music. A dramatic change came in 2003, when at age 20 he took an oil painting class at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Seth, who rarely speaks, began describing his world in paint.”

This autistic artist is currently working with a Brooklyn based artist and shows great benefit from making the work as well as showing significant creativity in each drawing and painting. I found it moving and provocative before I even knew a thing about the artist, and taking to his caretaker I was even more intrigued.

6) I saw Parker Posey and her dog.

7) There was a close call with a Seductive Farm Boy Apprentice, but all were spared.

On the drive home, I had a discussion with my friend who is going to be teaching art to K-8th graders. She was describing a book called Drawing with Children to me. I am interested in looking into this further, as I feel that my drawing education skewed me to believe “False Things” about my drawing abilities. This has given me 2 new goals: (a) re teach myself to look/draw, and (b) take a children’s book-making seminar at “The Super Hero Supply Store”…more details to follow…