Whats in a name (and other musings)

I recently explained the etymology of my emblem “good pure fun” to a friend and I thought it might be time to pass this information along here as well…

The name bonnieKate, which has been one of many nick names in my life, is short for Bonnie Kathryn. Bonnie – meaning good, and Kathryn – meaning pure, it was a natural title to work under for my projects.

It is a reminder for me to embrace the core potential for good, without ignoring the overwhelming propensity toward “bad” and “non fun” in life. Staying grounded and practical while keeping a healthy optimism is a huge goal for me.

I hope something in that concept is encouraging for you too.

I finally got some magnets for my fridge – now I just need a new article to hang there – I think I have hung on to that for 1 1/2 years now….

And here are some of the old men of my ‘hood. Len, the one in the middle just moved out of my building. Along with a few unoccupied stairs of our stoop, I will miss him greatly.

The Homeless Of NYC Are Out To Get Me

Yesterday I had a startling encounter with a guy asking for food. It’s a fairly common to be asked for change or food. In this instance I did not think I had the spare change to grab a bite for a second person. When I got to the register, I had enough to get 2 of the same of what I was getting, so I did. On my way out the door I say – “here is something, if you want it” the man scoffs at me and raised his voice – “What’s this?!” muttering obscenities under his breath he comes up for air again “Why didn’t you tell me you was gonna get me some food – I wont eat this!”

I wouldn’t have normally been so shocked, I have had people reject my food offerings in the past – sometimes due to a complaint of a stomach ulcer, or an allergy, but always communicated plainly, never in anger. So I told the man I was sorry, but if he didn’t want it to just pass it along to someone else, as I had to run to an appointment.

As I said, normally this would not have phased me, but this instance was very off putting for me. I mulled over the event through the rest of the day – wondering if I should have bothered with it at all or should have done more?

After a fabulous dinner – where someone was actually treating ME! I was walking to the subway analyzing my day once again when I looked up, saw a man with a plastic bag over his shoulder, he looked me strait in the eye and then pushed me with his sack and walked away! Stunned, my friend just asked, “Did he just push you?”

My only conclusions are that (a) Park Slope, Brooklyn is absolutely more safe than Manhattan, and (b) the homeless of New York City who once shared space peaceably are no longer tolerant of my presence.

Oh, Stop Being So Spoony!

Let’s face it, all us women were at least curious if not hopeful to see what it would have been like to have a woman in the oval office. But now that ‘Hill’ is out of the running quite another female figure has made her voice heard.

Lashing out, Paris Hilton, made a spoof campaign ad pointing a finger not just at McCain, but challenging both candidates to come up with better, more practical solutions for energy related resources and jobs.

Could it be that Paris, a worldly woman, is actually getting more conscious of the real matters of the world? Is she just out to shock the world yet again (communicating with more articulation and poise than our tired out Texan,) or beyond this script is she really taking on/challenging the political candidates?

Regardless of her degree of playfulness or sincerity (which is hard to discern in politics, particularly for Californians, I admit) if nothing else it may just urge those who were still waiting on the sidelines to engage these issues, to get in the game and have an opinion. I mean, if Paris is taking a stand, that really puts a lot of people to shame.

Thanks Paris, you’re an inspiration to woman everywhere!

Vituperat Visuals

I have to report that there has been an imbalance of passion and vigor to my thinking pattern recently. Once I noticed this I directly started drawing. I knew that if I return to something I love and am passionate about, even if I had been disinclined to do it comparatively, it would correct something in my emotive dysfunction.

It worked. I was restored right away to independency, and ambition. Since then I have started several new projects that are based on old ideas, dusted off and improved. As long as I can remember which recycling bin is which* then no one can keep me down!

**I highly recommend returning to something today that you know you’ve enjoyed in the past even if you haven’t done it in a while or if it seems like it may not give you the thrill it once did.**


This was another practice drawing from the Draw With Children book.

Smitty the Swashbuckling Seahorse and Drake the Daring Dragon Eel

Air Guitar – walking through the slope.

crayon and water color image of the Slope

My Commute

an Owl


Serious AND Gregarious

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lunch Club, which was once an elite club (I got hung up on when inquiring about joining this band of authors,) has sold out (at least it’s URL) to this trendy endeavor: http://www.thelunchclub.com/

Speaking of underground – here is another intriguing local phenomenon: Please Don’t Tell is a secret hidden place that you can easily acquire details for online. I haven’t been yet, but I have my suspicions (as well as my hidden joy).