Theresa Andrea Water Fall 2012 blue tempera and water on wood

Hunter Open Studio Review

Were you there? I admit that academic open studio events are not for the faint of heart. But fortunately some artists take pity on the poor curators and hipster-friends who dredge out to their academic buildings, up flights of stairs, and get lost in the labyrinth of hallways, and temporary wall divisions by offering dollar store candies, or Charles Shaw! That makes it all worth it! No, I am kidding, we go for the art! We go hoping to snatch up some goodies of another sort.

Enough chatter: Here are my TOP picks of Lady Artists at Hunter’s grad program: 

Theresa Andrea

Theresa’s offering for their department auction was a directive to make a personalized work for the winning bidder. A process oriented artist with a consideration for the personal and direct experience.


Elizabeth Tubergen

Elizabeth was responsible for a large Pyramid, which took up nearly the whole common area in the department auction space. It offered seating for some, and other more ponderous looky-loos considered it’s sturdy crafts-woman-ship.


Sophie Grant

Sophie is “Interested in childhood perceptions of reality and agency, her work reflects upon the education of the senses.”


Janna Dyk

Playing with connectivity of objects and the construction of the photographic image… We’re excited to see what comes next out of Janna’s studio.


Margeaux Walter

Capturing subtle observable “people watching” gestures in photo/digital collages. I liked her “Sweet Dreams” work that was up for auction. I nearly bid on it, but my art-budget is limited these days, even in the case of student work!

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