Dun-na-na-na-na-na-Two Face?

Batman/The Dark Knight was an interesting psychological follow-up to Batman Begins, the 2005 twist on an old favorite. This time around Christian Bale was not so convincingly tormented by his past love, he seemed more jaded and apathetic than ever. Except for maybe a few excited interactions with Morgan Freeman’s Charecter, Lucius Fox, Christian did not seem to even want to take the lead in this film. Aaron Ekhart, try as he might, just didn’t get to reach the full potential of his character ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-Face see what I mean?) either in the three hours this film ran – at least not to the extent that Heath Ledger was able.

I know everyone probably thinks – “Oh, he’s dead now so this is his automatic immortalizing moment” but seriously, he was by far the most interesting to watch of the whole cast. He and Ekhart did make good foils for each other, and I enjoyed those few moments they had to duel it out.

Over all, I enjoyed it, lots of action, and gratuitous evil. But could have it been shortened, and should we expect more from some of our leading men? I think so.

Go see it anyway – those movie people have got to stay in business. 😉

2 thoughts on “Dun-na-na-na-na-na-Two Face?”

  1. I saw it last night too (at our old theater on Pine). I actually really enjoyed how Batman’s storyline faded to the background a bit – I felt that given the issues his character struggles with – they are adequately portraying his distance from his former self. Heath’s performance certainly stole the show, sorry Jack but ledger out did ya. I think the one criticism I’d have of the film would be in some of the moments that age-old corniness that used to exemplify the old batman movies shows up in some of the dialog. It wasn’t overwhelming, but every once in awhile – especially in Batman’s monologue with the Joker where he tries to tell him that there is still some good in Gotham. I laughed a bit, and I don’t think I should have. :-)

  2. yeah, as far as laughing inappropriately, I totally did when the joker threatened everyone to get out of the city – his comment about Bridge and Tunnel was funny, but I realized that it was sort-of a dark moment to laugh at and felt bad.

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