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Hero-ine Space


If you only see one movie this year that stars Sandra Bullock, make it GRAVITY, (but I admit that I enjoyed ‘The Heat‘ as well.) This subtle, yet complex, story line is paired with outstanding effects and manages to explore a range of primal notions of humanity – birth, death, faith, rebirth, reincarnation, evolution, weakness, (and the polar north that is George Clooney.)

Still from 'Gravity'
Still of Bullock, from ‘Gravity’

This film may not make many young girls want to go out and be astronauts. In fact, there were moments where it made me question why we dare to leave the atmosphere at all! However, it was a very well told story that I’d encourage you to see played out – the first chance you get. Bullock delivers believable moments of terror, and gives (what I thought to be) a remarkably unsentimental performance of a character so tragic as ‘Ryan Stone’.

I recommend this 3D movie not just for the glasses, but also for the interesting take on a silver screen heroine, and another look at a group of unusually specialized civilians that many of us idolized as children.

Astronaut Catherine 'Cady' Coleman
Astronaut Catherine ‘Cady’ Coleman