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High hopes

Summer 2011, I hope to be spending a chunk of in CHINA. (hopefully dressed something like the gal above.) If the details all come together, it should be an awesome expedition! In the meantime – I am reading up on the radical shift that has happened (pretty much since the 90s, I guess?) politically, culturally, etc… and even more so in the last 6/7 years.

I am also going to attend a lecture by Barbara Pollack, author of “The Wild Wild East” which I have been meaning to read for the last 6 months – now I need to get ON IT.

All fun things, but the downside is missing [this]. I can’t do it all folks, I am only human.

(James Elaine is the “Zissou” in our gang)

Is it odd?

I was recently asked in a survey/interview to give an example of a woman I looked up to. This was actually a hard question to answer. Even as I recalled my childhood – there were women that I liked, but not many that I idealized or “wanted to be like”.

Then today I was thinking of composing a little “things I like” post – reaching back to some few pivotal yet frivolous wants, likes, and once-hads… when I remembered Jane Lane. Here is where it gets dicey. Jane Lane, as you may recall – if you are of a certain age and demographic, is a cartoon. She is the artsy best-friend of Daria Morganforffer.

Pondering this for a moment further I also was reminded of another female character: Rayanne Graff. Rayanne becomes the best friend of moody (but angelic) Angela Chase in My So Called Life. Ok, so, I realize these girls would be considered my piers, not women to look up to, however I guess what brought them to mind is that they probably were responsible for forming my personality (or at least affirming it on it’s natural trajectory) more than I would like to own up to.

Which finally brings us to the point of character (in the values sense) and what we allow to form us. Is it just a sense of style? an attitude we deem apropos? What vibes do we give off that formative minds might observe? Will we give younger women anything to look up to beyond a caricature or artistic personification of what we imagine our younger selves wanting to be? (wearing our makeup and dating our idealized men?)

I dunno, I know I tend to jump all over the place with this stuff, but I guess I am just a little disappointed in myself for identifying so closely with fictional females, and indeed growing up to be kinda like them… and hope to be more eye-catching and inspirational to women younger than I – for better reasons that the ones that caused me to chose my role models.

Oh yeah, and the thing that got me into the rabbit hole? Room chimes! I am in LOVE with room chimes, and it may or may not have anything to do with this episode:


image from a dusk walk 

“My everyday experience of walking confirms the poet Donald Hall’s theory that poetic meter originates in the bodily rhythm of arms and legs in motion. Walking certainly looses up more than my leg muscles. The simple, repetitive movements also free up my mind…”

from The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy, and “Women’s Work”
by Kathleen Norris