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Serious AND Gregarious

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lunch Club, which was once an elite club (I got hung up on when inquiring about joining this band of authors,) has sold out (at least it’s URL) to this trendy endeavor:

Speaking of underground – here is another intriguing local phenomenon: Please Don’t Tell is a secret hidden place that you can easily acquire details for online. I haven’t been yet, but I have my suspicions (as well as my hidden joy).

Baby Baby I’m taken’ with the notion…

Above is the growing family Smrekar! These long time friends just gave birth to little Sawyer Burghart Smrekar on July 19th. At 8lb 8oz 21″ this guy is sure to be a welcome handful for the couple, and new aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends…

…If this photo is any indication, I think JB is gonna really enjoy being just as much of a kid as ever with his little buddy.

What a good lookin’ crew. All the best JB, and Brandi, and Sawyer. Congrats! Particularly to Brandi who did a fabulous job bringing this little guy into fresh air. Much love!

How I Stay Bi-Coastal

Does it count as being bi-coastal if my home page is?
Recently, I have been joyfully settling in a bit more to my life in NY. However I am seeing this tax my California ties. It’s a natural thing, but so much of the natural world is painful. When do we know to let go? How do we recognize the things that are worth grasping for, and not letting go of? It’s a challenge to balance these things.
For now, I keep this reminder on my browser, and hope I choose wisely.

Wurd of Tha Dizzay

Interesting Bits For Today…

Gamine: an urchin; also, a mischievous girl or young woman.

Flirtationship: regularly flirting with a friend but nothing else.

Mouse Potato: Similar to the couch potato, however spending all that lazy time on the computer surfing the net or playing video games.

My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared.
PJ Plauger
Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.
Oscar Wilde