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‘space for rent’ – a poem

Walkways rise winsomely
Where riders waged war without warning.
wrapped the webbed wire and wrought iron wholly
with willful wit and writhing rage.

one waltzes with the unworldly swagger of a lover
once regular
run of the mill
now radical, wonderful, wondrous.

once in a while
riders on rails rush past walkers,
risk spoke workings
wielding, quaking, wobbling.

weak in the knees while watching waves; edging on woozy
bewildered by surroundings
westward windows yawn
wind wreaks of sweaty hogs

reflections rippling
peaks reached
-yet wisening

winter waits in the wings
disguised in a wig
who once rivaled the juvenile
jeering down under the wretched overpass
“you wilting wanker!”

what a relief – Wythe waxes,
when weakened, welt ridden tread,
taken out by two and a half hours
on a strung out ramble.

studies for grad school…

NYU – Art Administration (notes shortened from the website)

Sandra Lang, Director and Full-time Faculty
Independent Curators International,

Carlo M. Lamagna Full-Time Faculty
DeCordova Museum
Carlo Lamagna Gallery
Landmark West!.
Museum Professional Training, of the American Association of Museums;
Trademark West!

Melissa Rachleff Burtt, Full-Time Faculty
New York State Council on the Arts’ Museum Program
Exit Art
Brooklyn Museum
Museum of the City of New York.

Arthur Cohen
LaPlaca Cohen
J. Paul Getty Museum
American Museum of Natural History
Giorgio Armani USA
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art
Americans for the Arts
the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston
Harvard University Art Museum Contemporary Collections Committee.

Charlotte Cohen
US General Services Administration.
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program,
Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Anne Edgar
Anne Edgar Associates supporting:
Guggenheim Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond; Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; and the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Florida.on the boards of trustees of the Sir John Soane Museum Foundation in America and the non-profit artists organization, Art in General.

Alan Fausel
Bonhams Auctioneers & Appraisers
Doyle/New York Auctioneers and Appraisers.
The Frick Art Museum, Pittsburgh;
European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco;
Butterfield & Butterfield.
“Antiques Roadshow”.

Shelley Sanders Kehl
Pratt University
Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn.

Susana Torruella Leval
El Museo del Barrio.
Cultural Institutions Group,
Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD).

Laura J, Miller
Guggenheim Museum.
American Express as Director of Telemarketing and Director of New Industries Marketing.

Elizabeth Marcus
Galerie St. Etienne,
Pratt Institute.
The Cooper-Hewitt Museum,
Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Stephen Rosenberg
Stephen Rosenberg Fine Art, later Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art
Sotheby’s Institute of Art,
Pratt institute.
El Leon Literary Arts.

Sam Morse
South Side Design & Building.

Vida Schreibman
Cultural Destinations NYC,
Germans Van Eck Gallery, NY;
Margulies Taplin Gallery, FL;
South Florida Art Center.

Koven J. Smith
The MET, steering committee,
Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Ellen Cornfield Dance,
Monster Zero Orchestra.

Alice Zimet
Arts + Business Partnerships LLC,
The Chase Manhattan Bank, the first Cultural Affairs Marketing Group in a commercial bank.
Recent client assignments include: American Express, Fleet Bank, International Center of Photography, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Sephora USA, U.S. Department of State and the Arts & Business Council, Inc.
Harvard University Art Museums.

notes from doc: The Cool School

I just watched the documentary “The Cool School” which expounds on the formative years of the Los Angeles Art scene. In the fifties and sixties small gallery groups banded together to have a go of it, attempting to make a mark without obtaining notoriety from New York to validate their efforts. The doc primarily follows the group connected with Ferus Gallery, it’s inception and diffusion.

Notable Artists: craig kauffman, robert irwin, john altoon, peter voulkos, ken price, john mason, wallace berman, ed moses, ed keinholtz, bill al bengston, craig kauffman, ed ruscha, larry bell

Driving forces of FERUS: irving bulm (blum/poe), the late walter hopps (pasadena art museum), supported by shirley neilson hopps.

Other Notes:

barney’s beanery tavern

1950s male driven art
about control
their struggle to find power over something in their lives resulted in a power in their art and in their personalities.

frank gehry – fit in more with them than the architecture crowd.

bill claxton – photographer

don factor – collector

Blum broke out a few NY POP artists: jons, stella, liectenstein, warhol

hal gluckman – curator

by the late 60s things became more elite and lucrative and in a stronghold of what ferrous gallery put into motion
everyone grew-up

sendel studio
Ferus–irving went to NY
Ferus PACE —
LA – one business – movie business
artforum -> sf -> la -> ny

semina magazine
now gallery