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Meet me in the Park (along with the rest of NYC)

Last night I got a message asking if I wanted to head to Central Park for a picnic tonight. Normally I would be reticent to agree to the trek on a Friday night after work (I’ve become quite the home-body recently) but it is, after-all, a FREE concert of the New York Phil Harmonic! I mean, what kind of First World baby would I be if I chose to stay home running my A/C when beautiful art is being shared publicly, right in my back yard?

I have been blessed with so much beauty in my life, even on a day-to-day basis that I need to try to remember to see it, actively. For example: I have been riding my bike to work over the Williamsburg Bridge. I mean, it is a push to get up that incline, but once you are speeding along above the East River with the breeze whipping off the water and past your ears, it is pretty awesome. (Just gotta remember to stretch out more.)

So, if you don’t have any plans tonight, wanna head to Central Park tonight, along with the rest of the New Yorkers?

Me Likey: Pony of Good Tidings

photo credit: Denny Renshaw


Pony of Good Tidings is a Brooklyn-based folk-gospel group fronted by ladybird, Natalie Green, with a little help from her friends – including Anthony LaMarca (founder of Pony’s Label, Primary Records).


They recently released an album which, in terms of music purchases today, is WORTH getting the LP for all the hand-made touches that come with it. It is mixed incredibly well and worth a listen on a nice Summer day like this one.