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Artist, Lacey Richter: Way to cross-promote!

Art Admins, Dan and Meaghan, speak with Lacey Richter at the EX opening in NY
“Lacey Richter is an Austin-based artist in Texas working in a variety of media, including paint, charcoal, needle and thread, electric tape and fabric.  Her work is influenced by internal energies and intuition.  Richter’s organic mixed-media pieces and fabric-based installations have been featured in solo and collaborative shows in Austin and Mexico.  She recently completed her first residency with the Serie Project, producing a limited edition silkscreen print based on her visions for 2012.  Ex: Collaborative Creation was her New York debut.  Richter enjoys dead birds, live birds, shimmery things, and honkytonk dancin’.”

Lacey has work on display now at ROAR, Austin, TX

“MY WORK IS UP AT ROAR on 5th just past BRAZOS. Great Visual Accompaniment for Austin FASHION WEEK. Stop by and Say Hello to the ROAR Gang – They Are Great!! I have already sold three pieces, one of which was during Install! Reception to be held September 6th, 6:30-8:00.” – LR

Happy Weekend/God Bless!

Hey Everyone,

It is almost that time – the 4th of July! Grilling out and driving through and all of those other american food-related past times will seem a little sweeter this coming week. When recently asked what my plans were, I realized that last year at this time I was getting ready to not only skip town but leave the country, and it wasn’t the first time! I spent one fourth of July in Berlin with Wim Wenders who might have thought I was French…

Anyway, I actually just wanted to share with you a few images that crossed my path today that moved me to a contemplative state as I consider the phrase, “God Bless America”. This year I want to consider what that would actually mean – presupposing that God is real, that he would be inclined to enrich a place or group of people with his particular grace/power/authority by “blessing” them, what would this mean? What are people asking for when they say this? Is it a plea for wealth? Freedom from other earthy oppression aside from the state of poverty? Thoughts?…

What do YOU think when you hear “God Bless America”?


“Ex”hibit wraps up in NYC

The exhibit “Ex: Collaborative Creation” had a great opening event at IAM‘s 38|39 gallery earlier this month! I had the privilege of curating the New York iteration of the exhibit, and it will now travel to Carrousel Space in Chicago, and Wunderkammer following later this Summer. Upwards of 60 people attended the opening, among them were students, artists, writers, and IAM’s own founding director, Mako Fujimura.

Coinciding with the exhibit, IAM partnered with Wunderkammer and me to create a fun flip book catalogue.

Dan H. Swartz (Wunderkammer) gave a presentation illuminating the history of visual art and Surrealism and it’s contemporary employment and implications.*

Following events included a discussion with Dr. Lucy Collins and Tove Hermanson on the impact of Surrealism in Fashion* (primarily within the designs of Schiaparelli) and a film screening of Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast.

Coincidentally Cocteau and Schiaparelli were also collaborators, which suited the conversation quite well.

I am excited to see what Robin Kang and Dan H. Swartz will do with this body of work in Chicago and Fort Wayne.

*Videos of the presentations will be available online soon.

Adam Sjoberg’s new short film:

STAY / Starring Tyler Riggs & Suvi Koponen from Loose Luggage on Vimeo.


Short Film Starring and Tyler Riggs and Suvi Koponen
NEW YORK CITY, NY. – September 20, 2011 – Fashion world rockstar couple Tyler Riggs (of RED) and Suvi Koponen (of NEXT) paired up with photographer and filmmaker Adam Sjöberg for the short film, STAY. The power couple honed their acting skills for the independent short film loosely based on the story of two of the filmmaker’s close friends, a young husband and wife, whose relationship and faith were tested during 6 difficult weeks spent in a hospital.
Tyler and Suvi bring freshness, talent, and honesty to the piece, exhibiting an incredible knack for channeling their own experiences to create an intimate, beautiful, and visually compelling story of loss and forgiveness. Conceived in January and shot in a single feverish day in Chelsea and Williamsburg, NY, STAY is just now seeing its official release. The film can be seen at
Sjöberg’s production crew included executive producer Janelle Wible, music from Son Lux and The Silver Boys, stylist Dawn West, makeup artist Virginia Linzee, and second camera operator Nathan Smith. The film features an appropriately stylish wardrobe provided by Vera Wang and Native Son, with additional contributions by Sonia RykielQuailApolisLekuinOkutaVelvetine, & Mina Ro Mina.
Adam Sjöberg
Loose Luggage

Spotlight on Tai-Tai


I would like for you all to meet one of our young guides/local assistants, Tai-Tai. It is common for Chinese children to have their Chinese name (made up of a family name, a generational name, and their given name) as well as a shortening and repeating of that Chinese name as a nick-name. In addition they may also have an english name.

Tai-Tai is studying Fashion Design, and working for AIR this summer. He LOVES Lady Gaga, magazines, ordering clothes online, and making over-exaggerated jabs at anyone who can take it.

It has been a treat to see what he will wear each day, and always entertaining to hear his stereo types of what he and Jamie like to call “us young Chinese” or the American youth culture. He is ordering some shirts from the internet for a few students that are an emblem to his generation, equivalent of a “child of the eighties” tee, this one has some more significance than the 80s pop resurgence in America because of the more drastic difference in Tai-Tai’s generation, than the preceding. *More on this later.

Tai-Tai has been our constant source of entertainment, and information so-far and we are very luck to have him. I hope to look at some of his design ideas and share them with you soon.

More spotlights to come.