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Spotlight from the NYT on Curatorial Workers

“It’s really hard even to talk precisely about global curating when the world is still so diverse,” – Emilia Galatis, a curator from Perth, Australia

"Meh" just a little Obrist, N.B.D.

Yesterday the New York Times reported on the career of curators. They highlight Independent Curators International and a  handful of curatorial names (including Hans Obrist, pictured above). The author somehow seemed to both over and under glamorize the work of a curator. While the text hints at the Elephant in the room (the increasing lack of globally reflective work found in New York galleries that once satiated the hunger for Art World trends) it misses the actual relational core of curating:  learning from artists about their own work, promoting that work where it might thrive, and inspiring audiences with unique insights into the realm of the artist.

The heart of contemporary curatorial work is so much more hands-on than that of the historical curator and that is what makes it exciting. Not the plane rides, and expenses, or even the fact that you need to have lived another life in order to support the life of a curator! (Oh, yeah… they just had to remind us of this LITTLE fact…“While not exactly lucrative […] the profession has grown rapidly in cachet.” It is growing in chic-ness, without growing in compensation? Sign me up!)

[Read the full article here.] Give it a look and let  me know what YOU think.

NY & CHI – Done. Fort Wayne – Here we come!

Thanks Robin for being so awesome and hosting the second installment of EX: Collaborative Creation in your ROCKING Chicago apartment a.k.a. “Carousel Space”.

Robin Kang is an incredible artist who has true dedication and vision. Check out her own artwork here. Weather she is building a brick house (or a digital textile) this girl is mighty-mighty. So, check her out!

Robin recently completed her Masters of Fine Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, was a co-fellow of mine in Air Projects‘ pilot in Beijing, and has been running Carousel Space out of her home since January 2011.

EX is now headed to Fort Wayne, IN and will be the virginal exhibition of Wunderkammer Co.‘s new space, to the bliss of founder, Dan Swartz.

Kind of a BIG deal

There are many ubiquitous topics that flutter around the “art-world” consciousness that never seem to land. Every once in a while those ideas can be reinterpreted in a way that just “clicks”. It may feel right because it feels new, or because someone else (who is totally genius) “gets it”! This can be really satisfying if you can successfully put your own spin or perspective on something people were previously interested in or with which they are in some way already familiar.

I gotta tell you, I was feeling pretty good when I realized last month that we (the team behind EXa show inspired by the surrealist movement in the arts) had drawn from the same stream as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who are currently exhibiting garments and accessories by Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. What an interesting conversation the work of these two women have! And what a wonderful opportunity we had to educate a few New Yorkers on the history of Schiaparelli in advance of the exhibit opening. We wanted to look at the connection between the Surrealists (one of those ideas floating around just above our heads) and how their forms played out in Fashion, and the MET is just being the BOSS, per usual.

If you were unable to attend the conversation about Schiaparelli, IAM has graciously provided video documentation [here] and if you do not live in New York, you may visit the exhibit at the MET’s website [here]. Enjoy.

EX: On the move…

The exhibit “EX: Collaborative Creation” is headed West, to Chicago. Chi-town Artista, Robin Kang, will host the second life of the installation at her Carousel Project. I, for one, am very excited to see her interpretation along with Dan Swartz, who will also be hosting the third personification of the work  in Indiana later this summer.

Pati Hertling: Curator (not by trade)

photo by Flora Hanitijo via New York Times’ tMagazine

In the recent NYmag list of how to make it in the art world – they might have got a lot of it right, but they did forget one tried and true rule-of-thumb: Invest in another profession that makes you rich or interesting to other art-world people. Their list of 100 people to know included Pati Hertling (pictured above), a young curator, who – in an interview with tMag mentions her experience in Law school. Hertling ties in the legal experience into investigating provenance – cool!

Law School and Business School could be particularly good “ins” because you will have classmates who can afford to purchase your goods, or travel to the Art Fairs. But my question is – if the way into the heart of the art world is by jumping onboard from another profession, where does the title “Secretary” get you? 😉

“Ex”hibit wraps up in NYC

The exhibit “Ex: Collaborative Creation” had a great opening event at IAM‘s 38|39 gallery earlier this month! I had the privilege of curating the New York iteration of the exhibit, and it will now travel to Carrousel Space in Chicago, and Wunderkammer following later this Summer. Upwards of 60 people attended the opening, among them were students, artists, writers, and IAM’s own founding director, Mako Fujimura.

Coinciding with the exhibit, IAM partnered with Wunderkammer and me to create a fun flip book catalogue.

Dan H. Swartz (Wunderkammer) gave a presentation illuminating the history of visual art and Surrealism and it’s contemporary employment and implications.*

Following events included a discussion with Dr. Lucy Collins and Tove Hermanson on the impact of Surrealism in Fashion* (primarily within the designs of Schiaparelli) and a film screening of Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast.

Coincidentally Cocteau and Schiaparelli were also collaborators, which suited the conversation quite well.

I am excited to see what Robin Kang and Dan H. Swartz will do with this body of work in Chicago and Fort Wayne.

*Videos of the presentations will be available online soon.