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Degrees of OSCAR separation

voted best dressed – Sandra Bullock
in Vera Wang, congrats!

Actress in a Leading role: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

  • A friend auditioned to be a dancer. Daren liked her, apparently…

Best Picture, Best Directing, Actor in a Leading role: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

  • I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, and I also watched The King’s Speech. (loved both.)

Actor in a Supporting role: Christian Bale

  • I’ve watched Little Women, and Dark Knight – and I forgot he had an “accent”. (How does he do that?)

Adapted from the Book, Film Editing and Music (original score): The Social Network

Short Film (live action) God of Love

  • Friend of a Friend (who I watched the Oscars with) edited this.

*bonus: I’ve watched the Nutcracker performed on the Oscar’s stage by the American Ballet Company. I know you’re jealous, but don’t be – I know you have your own stories too, and you have just as much freedom to post them on the interweb as do I.

Fortunate few…

Fiona Shaw, Alan Rickman, Lindsey Duncan

I was one of a privileged few who were able to attend a performance of BAM’s recent offering John Gabriel Borkman. Each of the rolls in it’s small cast were emotionally demanding beyond what I had expected, and a third row seat intensified the whole situation.

But I am not here to brag – no, no! Rather, I would like to remind all my fellow NYers not to neglect your civic duties to engage the arts when you are able – be it alone or with a group. I took myself out to see this performance, and was delighted to see other exciting offerings slated to come soon to the venue. BAM has a very impressive cast list traipsing through their halls in a constant stream of talent.

Do not miss out if you can steal away for a night (or afternoon) at the theatre!

Although JGB has concluded you can read more about the play in a review [here]