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Young Artist Profiles: Sarah Gregory

Last weekend I sat down with the singer/songwriter (and all-around breath-taking personality) Sarah Gregory! You may know her from her collaborative works with the Gregory Brothers, or perhaps you are privileged to have seen her LIVE with her “Stanleys“. Part internet-sensation, part soul-diva – I was interested in bringing more of her story to you!


*Rather than give you the strait interview text I will be retelling her story here. Scroll down to the bottom to find details of performances to attend THIS WEEK!

Sarah grew up in Texas, and stayed in-state to study performing arts in college. Passionate about the theatre arts, Sarah was given the chance to study abroad. She jumped at the opportunity to go to London and see more diverse performance styles and venues. This would be her first experience traveling outside the United States and made a huge impression on her.

Just a month after graduation she moved herself from Texas to New York City (this was in 2004). She did this realizing that New York would be the most international city in the US. After working with various performers in NY she honed her interest onto singing and writing music rather than the more theatrical work that first attracted her. This shift in passion has stuck ever since.

I asked her if there was an early memory of experiencing performance or visual art that ignited her passion for creative work. Sarah recalled that her parents had made a point to give her many diverse experiences – be it sports, arts, or other activities. Without her parents pushing her in any one direction, the creative experiences always stuck with her most. On one occasion a theatrical group performed at her childhood school. The main performer was a woman who was missing an arm. Sarah remembered this fact about the woman but recalled that the her performance was of such a quality that the physical difference that was a new sight for Sarah was completely forgotten as the woman carried-on with her roll. The character’s identity was not tied to the presence or absence of a limb and it was not distracting or even noticeable during the performance. This power of the performer to enchant was what stuck with Sarah.

I first got to know Sarah because of our shared faith through a church that we both attend in Brooklyn. I asked her if/how her spirituality had any influence on her creative practice. Sarah stated that part of what was interesting to her about the Bible is the way it tells stories about the world creatively through a whole spectrum of emotion and literary device. She eloquently went on to relay a resonance between the range of human experience possible, the hues, range of emotion, and expression with those stories found on the pages of scripture. She doesn’t make a habit of using the mic to preach at her attentive crowd, but would make no mystery of her involvement with projects such as the Welcome Wagon or Bifrost Arts.

I consider Sarah to be successful among the performers with whom I am acquainted, so I asked Sarah to define for me what she considered to be the mark of success. “Being able to pay your bills” she said, and continued on to explain that being an artist and being able to make ends meet (particularly in an urban setting filled with creative professionals and hopefuls) is a huge accomplishment. She attributed this particular success in her life to having the fortune to perform with great people who ended up continuing to work with her or recommend her in an ongoing relationship. Beyond Sarah’s vocal talent she also is likable, and knows how to keep friends. Although the resources are not always there for some people, this relational correlation rang true for me as well.

So, what is next for Sarah? …Right now she is in a unique moment – She has just shot a pilot with the Gregory Brothers, and finished a recording in Charlottesville. It’s a moment of anticipation to see what may come of that creative work. In the meantime she continues to perform regularly at local venues. I hope you have the chance to see her soon – maybe even this week…?


Sarah can be found:


*Many thanks to Sarah for your grace and for sharing your lovely voice so freely.

A real New York treasure.

There are a few key spaces about this town that are just a little more magical than even the fanciest penthouses. Here are a few of my favesies…

190 Bowery

Owned by photographer Jay Maisel who lives there with his wife and daughter. That’s right – 3 people.

Then there is the Dumbo Clock tower penthouse:

Sometimes the Mystique of a location has to do with it’s past. Here is a fun site that illustrates just that: Click!


All quiet on the Manhattan Front

Incase you all were wondering – New York City was not swept away into the ocean by hurricane Irene. Or should I say Tropical Storm Ireney? Some mild damages did occur, but overall most people stayed safe, if not paranoid, in their homes and immediate neighborhoods for what became a surreal lock-down of a system that has survived much worse.

My best friend, boyfriend, and I soldiered though together. Going out for brunch at one brave locally-run eatery on saturday, staying in with snacks and movies a-plenty until Sunday afternoon when (sorely disappointed in the lack of thunder and stormy excitement) we started scoping out what else was able to reopen on within walking distance.

Now, although I begrudged Irene for not delaying my return to the office this morning, I do want to remember that there are those who were much less fortunate. Please consider how you might help those who were effected by the storm at her most dangerous.

Did you miss it? Let’s try again sometime!

Before I left for Beijing this Summer I co-hosted a last-minute event that turned out AMAZINGLY well. I would love to have you come next time if you missed it. Here are a few photos (thanks to crow) of the talented women who performed.

Presenting Emily
Emily Frembgen

Presenting Elizabeth Dishman's Choreography
Elizabeth and fellow dancer
Lea Fulton - interactive performance
Presenting Sarah Painter
Sarah's monologue
Sarah originally planted the seed in my head for the evening - so great to see it happen!

Presenting Natty Green and Pony of Good Tidings
Pony of Good Tidings
Co-Host Matt enjoys the success of the evening


The Place To Be: Five Performances on the Roof!


Thursday, June 30 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Matt’s Place – Rooftop/Balcony Space
165 Havemeyer St. #2c
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

CURATED by bonniekate
HOSTED by Matt Miller

The Acts:

10p – Natty Green performing w/ Pony of Good Tidings

9:30 – Sarah Painter – Actress

915 – Lea Fulton – Dance performer

9p – Elizabeth Dishman
– Choreographer

815p – Emily Frembge
n – Singer

~ Bring a beer, and blanket or something to sit on. ~