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Exhibit Announcement: Joyce Lee

@ Capitol Skyline Hotel in D.C.
Thurs, Oct 4 – Sunday, Oct 7.

Announcing Joyce Lee at the (e)merge Art Fair. “Made in China” will be Ms. Lee‘s first foray into live performance with video installation! “Made in China” is an experimental work about luxury commodities, labor production, and global economies.

Also from Ms. Lee: “Perspectives: a Look through Cultural Lenses,” solo exhibition at Silber Gallery at Goucher College, Oct 30 – Dec 2. The opening reception will be Friday, Nov 9th from 6-9 pm. This show presents new video work of cross-cultural sensibilities made in response to previous work referencing western art history.

Pati Hertling: Curator (not by trade)

photo by Flora Hanitijo via New York Times’ tMagazine

In the recent NYmag list of how to make it in the art world – they might have got a lot of it right, but they did forget one tried and true rule-of-thumb: Invest in another profession that makes you rich or interesting to other art-world people. Their list of 100 people to know included Pati Hertling (pictured above), a young curator, who – in an interview with tMag mentions her experience in Law school. Hertling ties in the legal experience into investigating provenance – cool!

Law School and Business School could be particularly good “ins” because you will have classmates who can afford to purchase your goods, or travel to the Art Fairs. But my question is – if the way into the heart of the art world is by jumping onboard from another profession, where does the title “Secretary” get you? 😉

Miami – Art Basel (for those who can’t travel)

This video provides you with a tour through the fair on the opening day. When you stroll through the exhibition hall you see latest works by artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Nick Cave, Anish Kapoor, Olaf Nicolai, KRIWET, Kris Martin, Takashi Murakami, Haroon Mirza, Rob Pruitt, and Paul McCarthy. But there are also expensive high heels, fancy dresses, posh handbags, and amazing hats – and the related celebrities.” — Huffington Post

No women artists? Just gallerinas in heels/dresses?

Thanks Huff – you’re a pal.