Art Omni Day Trip

(Some Interesting Highlights…)



3) Ivars Druelle
Fable* Sculpture – Moon/Mole
*There was another artist doing fable illustrations, but the style of the illustration wasn’t quite as interesting as her humor. His public work was really fun, and I think the Bigger is Better scale won me over.

Holographic Technique

” Seth Chwast was diagnosed with autism as a very young child, and lived for years in a world of roller coasters, haunted houses, and classical music. A dramatic change came in 2003, when at age 20 he took an oil painting class at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Seth, who rarely speaks, began describing his world in paint.”

This autistic artist is currently working with a Brooklyn based artist and shows great benefit from making the work as well as showing significant creativity in each drawing and painting. I found it moving and provocative before I even knew a thing about the artist, and taking to his caretaker I was even more intrigued.

6) I saw Parker Posey and her dog.

7) There was a close call with a Seductive Farm Boy Apprentice, but all were spared.

On the drive home, I had a discussion with my friend who is going to be teaching art to K-8th graders. She was describing a book called Drawing with Children to me. I am interested in looking into this further, as I feel that my drawing education skewed me to believe “False Things” about my drawing abilities. This has given me 2 new goals: (a) re teach myself to look/draw, and (b) take a children’s book-making seminar at “The Super Hero Supply Store”…more details to follow…

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